8th June 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

So like I’ve said before, I really don’t like posting about all of the places Gary Pepper Vintage is featured each week because I don’t think every post should be full of ‘congratulations’ and ‘well done’ and the last thing I want is for people to roll their eyes every time they read my blog. Sometimes I still want my outfit posts to be, well, just that, an outfit post, so I try to leave things like this out of it for as long as I can. The problem with that is that they quickly start to accumulate and I’m left covering them all in one big post so it’s a lose lose situation!

I’ve been told recently that my blog is more of a personal diary, I hadn’t actually noticed until someone pointed it out and now I couldn’t agree more. I don’t post these features to boast or to make anyone jealous but because I simply like sharing these things with you because I know you’re all genuinely happy for myself and my store. I like to involve you as much as I can and it’s the main reason why I started my blog – to document this new chapter in my life and share every experience along the way, and so far, this has honestly been a crazy experience!

Here are the places Gary Pepper Vintage was spotted recently:

1. Peppermint magazine – this is my copy of the new issue that the team from peppermint kindly sent to me last week. I actually didn’t know what they were going to run as all I was asked to send over were two high res photos, so when I excitedly flicked through the first few pages it was a little surprise to see what they had written. A big thank you to peppermint magazine for featuring the store.. I secretly like that our names could be somehow related


2.Ebay magazine – This was the first time I had ever said ‘oh, my, god’ when I saw how large Ebay had run this feature. Spread out over a generous 4 page spread, words can’t really describe how it feels to see a A4 sized photo of myself staring back at me (and so seriously too?). I also had the pleasure of meeting the editor, Miceala, when I was out for breakfast the other week and I cannot tell you all how lovely she is. So a personal thank you to you, Miceala. This feature honestly left me speechless!

3.Jeffrey Campbell – Gary Pepper Vintage was spotted twice in the past two days on the JC blog! They kindly featured the behind the scenes video we made and also featured a post about my snick wedges, along with some very lovely words that made me love JC more than i already do! A big thank you again to Ty – you’re the man.

4.Solestruck.com – I was so happy when i saw solestruck also featured the store twice on their blog and
I still can’t believe gpv is somehow collaborating with them! My appreciation grew eve more when I managed to get my hands on a pair of Lita’s so it looks like my JC collection is still growing! Thank you to Solestruck for mentioning gpv.

5.Pedestrian TV – this, this was just insane to me. Chad had emailed me to let me know that Pedestrian TV was running the behind the scenes video on their main website and also sent it out on their daily newsletter which reaches 12,000 people each day! It’s strange because a while ago i had looked into advertising on their newsletter for a few days and instead i’m now featured on it? I don’t think it has sunk in yet. A big thank you to Matt for running the video

I was also featured on the street style section of Because Magazine, an online magazine about fashion and beauty which you can view here, and named as ‘Blog of the moment’ by FBI Fashion College on their website. So a few more thank yous to FBI and Because Magazine

I’d also like to thank Yenny from Studdehearts for spreading the love and posting my video on her amazing blog and to Tuchuzy for writing such a kind post on their blog and to whom we all know, i absolutely adore and cant wait to collaborate with this coming summer. You can view the post here. I also just finished an interview with Mylookbook magazine for their August issue so i can’t wait to post about that too!

And lastly (and finally, i promise!), if you have been following my blog for a while you will remember back in February i mentioned i was going to be featured in an Iphone App called Stylebookwhich has been praised by people like Tyra Banks and Lucky magazine. Well, they updated their app software and you can find a little photo of me in their ‘inspiration’ folder – how crazy is thattttt?