22nd February 2010

This weekend i did a handful of things. I quickly went garage ‘sale-ing’, found an amazing hand beaded vintage scarf from the kindest old lady, stayed up late with an old friend, said goodbye to another, relaxed on the balcony and wiggled my toes, bought a kilo of m&m’s and fell asleep on my bean bag, danced in a room full of fairy lights and fell over, twice. All in all, a very good weekend

Our new collection for febuary is now in store plus the 86 items that went missing two weeks ago. I have some jewelry i will be posting on gary pepper pieces, hopefully on wednesday, i’m just struggling to find the time to do so! I also received a phone call on friday to inform me that my ‘order’ was ready to be picked up after weeks of anticipation so i will be announcing those arrivals in just a few days! I’ve also just done a quick interview with ‘walk of fashion’ which you can read hereand started my second blog on tumblr, which you can followhere. My tumblr blog is just purely random and i’m going to try and post something every day that inspires me, whether it be a photo i see, a quote from a friend or even a big blue sky. It’ll be interesting to see in a few month time if i have a reoccurring pattern of things that inspire me, i’ve always been a sucker for open grass meadow shots and beautifully lit afternoons…

Sorry for the quick post tonight. It’s way past my bedtime and i have nearly 100 more items to list tomorrow, in 37 degree heat it seems almost impossible! Here are some of my favourites this week.


1. Vintage cut out slip dress.

2. Vintage neon checker button dress.

3. Vintage red bow anna dress.

4. Vintage two toned bow tie dress.

5. Vintage black mesh batwing sleeve dress.

6. Vintage abstract printed jacket.

7. Vintage green lace boho dress.

9. Vintage nautical sailor jacket.

10. Vintage floral metallic blue jacket.

11. Vintage CUE black tassel jacket.

12. Vintage purple metallic high waist shorts.

13. Vintage high waist leopard print skirt.

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