23rd January 2010

Did anyone else see postsecrets update status yesterday on facebook? It really made my day.

This morning when the Canadian Custom’s Officer asked. . .”Occupation”? He made a strange expression when I replied, “I collect secrets on postcards”.

I seem to be getting the same reaction when I now tell people ‘I sell vintage online’. I suppose it does sound really strange and people can’t see how many different avenues it can take you nor how it could be a worthy career choice. Everything is a little hush hush here at Gary Pepper headquarters right now but I have some exciting new projects that will be up in the next 2- 4 weeks. I’m bursting with excitement and really wish I could elaborate more but for now I will just have to keep these to myself, and sometimes, not all secrets are worth sharing.

I also just purchased this book called “Other people’s love letters: 150 letters you were never meant to see” by Bill Sharpiro. I was actually on Amazon looking for the new postsecret book when I stumbled across this one instead. It is a beautiful booked filled with love letters written by anyone and everyone from helicopter pilots and sociologists to lawyers, stoke brokers and film makers, all sent in anonymously like postsecret and just as wonderful and equally brilliant. I’m a sucker for love and it inspires me every single day. I cannot wait to get this in the post!

{postsecret.com, google.com.}