9th November 2009

New listings are up for our first November range. Have a look here in store to see 40 brand new vintage pieces. It’s been one of the busiest weeks so far. I’m juggling this store with work, college, the gym, Melbourne Cup and finding a new house. If anyone told you Ebay was easy, it’s not. It’s time consuming, exhausting, stressful and very hard work. Therefore, my gym sessions and sadly, my blog, suffered a little this week due to bad time management. But I did purchase a brand new overlocker, indulged in too much thai takeaway and started my Christmas shopping for the boy and family

I struggled to pick my top three favorites this week as there were too many i simply loved. Here they are:

1. Vintage black panel mini dress.

2. Vintage double breasted gold button vest.

3. Vintage full sequined over-sized cardigan.