15th November 2009
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Cardigan: Thrifted. Singlet: Minkpink. Skirt: Thrifted. Ankle boots: Vintage

Since opening GPV I’ve rarely kept anything for myself. But whilst in Tasmania I added to my vintage fur (faux, of course) and ankle boot collection. I thought keeping only two items out of thirty seemed fair, right? It’s reaching 30 degrees here but I still can’t part with these suede wedged booties. Yes, my feet are hot and slightly uncomfortable but they look so divine and were only $7! As for the fur coat, to avoid looking like a crazed Eskimo during the summer heat, that will just have to wait until next year. My new winter staples for 2010.

And to add to how much I just adore my new coat, when I slipped my hand into the pocket I happened to find, to my delight, two butter menthol wrappers, an empty tissue packet and a ticket for ‘Grease’ dated 1998. I’ve gathered that it must of been chilly in Hobart those 11 years ago. I felt as if my boyfriend had unintentionally done something cute like picked me a flower or made me a kite. I smiled and felt like saying “Oh, vintage. This. This is why i love you.”