Resonances de Cartier

“We are still a mystery, and that is something worth celebrating.”

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Resonances de Cartier
19th December 2018
Location LOCATION: New York

A true reflection of the fashion veteran who has spent his life building one of the most successful fashion empires in the world.

17th August 2018
The Writer for Les Eaux De Chanel
Location LOCATION: Paris

A light scent lingers. Finally she is free.

28th May 2018
Chanel Metiers d’Art in Hamburg
Location LOCATION: Hamburg

If a runway show could feel like you were witnessing a poem being written in front of your eyes, this would be it.

12th December 2017
Resonances de Cartier
Location LOCATION: Paris

A contrast of two worlds meeting to empower women all over the world to express who they are and feel beautiful in their own skin. We are still a mystery, and that is something worth celebrating.

4th September 2017
Take Note. Yours, Gabrielle.
Location LOCATION: Paris

She was passionate and fearless; a free spirit with a rebellious heart who was unapologetically feminine.