21st February 2014
Location LOCATION: New York

ASOS Dress / ASOS Coat / Nicholas Kirkwood Boots

Skipping back to what looks like a very frosty morning in New York. In my defence, it was a balmy 11 degrees this day, so I would never have thought I’d be mumbling “Why did I wear so many thermals? It’s too hot!” to myself after complaining about the freezing cold for so long. ┬áIt seems I may have been staring at this white blanket of snow covering every inch of New York for too long, so layering white on white on white seemed like a natural result of adapting to my surroundings and resembling how I physically felt – a snowflake floating through this dreamy city.

Now for a random thought: I’ve been unable to update my blog for about a week now since switching and upgrading servers. This is a good and bad thing. Good? Because it means you’re all visiting my blog so much that I’m exceeding my bandwidth allowance and as a result had to upgrade to a faster and more powerful server. Bad? Because it means there’s a few fresh glitches that we’re trying to smooth out. If you notice any errors or loading problems please let me know the comments below. I’m currently in New York and my blog decided not to load at all for a few hours, so it differs from country to country as it was loading perfectly fine for Australia. Many thanks in advance! x

Photos by Carin Olsson