17th January 2014
Location LOCATION: Florence

ASOS Coat / ASOS Skirt / Topshop Turtleneck / Ryan Storer Earring and Ring / Valantino Bag / Marc Jacobs Heels

I fell in love with this coat as soon as I realized it kept me feeling just as warm and fuzzy on the outside as I felt on the inside once I hopped back on that plane heading for Europe. Jumping from different climates, I wasn’t entirely sure if my baggage allowance or wallet was ready for my winter wardrobe. Finding good investment coats seems to be an ordeal these days, with the price tag for the ones I love exceeding my budget and overflowing into the four digit bracket. Still, stumbling across coats like this at an affordable price are a godsend. The perfect cocoon style to drape over neutral or pastel tones during a dreary winter, or purely for filling the space of being away from Luke so much by being a portable hug from a polar bear which swallows me whole.

Photos by Carin Olsson