11th November 2013

ASOS Skirt / Splendid Turtleneck (similar here) / Miu Miu BroguesMulberry Bag / Jennifer Zeuner Rings

When it’s cold I’ve always been drawn to wearing odd lengths and oversized coats during the day, which is why I already know this outfit may not be for everyone. An outfit that kind of looks like it’s swallowed me whole is weirdly satisfying in my books.

You’ll recall seeing this look in this post but paired with my patent Christian Louboutin Heels. Styled here with my Miu Miu Brogues, it’s a little perspective into what I look like when I’m running (yes literally running as there is never enough taxis) around cities for meetings or shoots. Interesting how much a pair of heels and a touch of dark lipstick can completely transform your look for the evening. But in this instance I think, for once, that I actually prefer it styled with flats.

What on earth is happening to me? Am I actually embracing my height for once?

Photos by Carin Olsson