20th September 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

Nicholas Top and Skirt / Jennifer Zeuner Rings / Karen Walker Glasses / Valentino Bag / Proenza Schouler Heels

There are a few places in New York that despite how cliche they are they instantly make me feel like I’m in New York and make me realize just how far away from home I am. Particular favorites are the Top of The Rock Observation Deck that always hold such dear memories of mine, especially as my first visit was with Luke. Central Park, Soho and Brooklyn Bridge are obvious choices and huge favorites of mine, but it’s the little things that I always note that make such a difference. Even as something as little as a hot dog stand on every corner of Times Square, novelty sized pretzels that make actually make me unpleasantly cotton-ball-mouthed and dehydrated, fire escapes that surprisingly freak me out event though I’ve been sky diving, bright yellow cabs and unlimited amounts of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups that are so cheap I would be tempted to take an extra suitcase home of them to last me through the winter.

I wanted to take Carin around to show her everything I love about New York but before we knew it time had slipped away from us again. At least we got to eat these (outrageously stale) pretzels and laugh about how it’s literally the size of my head!

Photos by Carin Olsson