9th September 2013
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A lot of you have been asking what exactly is #limousine13 and what exactly am I doing with Westfield. Well I’m so excited to be able to share with you all that I’m the new face of Westfield, the largest shopping centre company in the world and number one shopping brand in Australia! My exciting role as the new spring/summer ambassador meant I got to take part in not only shooting their new summer campaign, but also a short fashion film called #limousine13. I also visited Westfield’s premium centres in Brisbane Carindale, Sydney Bondi Junction, Sydney and soon to be Doncaster in Melbourne for press and events.

This short fashion film is a darkly romantic tale about a tragic love. I play a woman who has just broken up with her boyfriend and finds herself and becomes empowered once more through fashion.

I can’t say I’ve ever done any sort of acting and that I wasn’t a little curious as to how I would translate onto film. My overall look is so much darker, moodier and perhaps a lot more sexier than what you’re used to seeing which is exactly what we were going for. My friends and even Luke were shocked when they saw the film, but in a good way they said. I’ll never know if they were being honest with me but Luke seemed to be quite enthusiastic about him not being the only one who’s seen me undressing…

Oh, and if you’re not aware and wondering who my (extremely good-looking) co-stars are their names are Jordan and Zac Stenmark, Australian supermodel identical twin brothers who are even more beautiful on the inside than out. By far some of the sweetest and most entertaining people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on my journey so far which is going to kill any of your current or future boyfriends.

I hope you all like it and let me know what you think. To be honest I’ve only seen it four times as I barely recognize myself, which I guess why projects like these are just so damn fun! A special thank you to Baker Brand for the consistent support through this entire campaign too.

Campaign photo by Pierre Toussaint
BTS photos by Stuart Miller
Creative Direction by Al Weekes
Styling by Kelly Hume
Make-up by Noni Smith
Hair by Darren Borthwick