26th September 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

Total Calvin Klein Look / Valentino Bag / Marc Jacobs Heels / Ryan Storer Earring / Rings from Turkey Markets

I remember last time I was in New York for fashion week this outfit seemed to spark some controversy on Instagram as to whether you loved it or hated it. Well it seems six months later this seems to have happened again with this little peach two piece from Calvin Klein‘s archives that I wore to the show on the last day of NYFW. Many of you commented it was “wrong”, with one reader who seemed so confused they exclaimed “you look like a zucchini flower”. I guess if I was going to be referred to anything I would have assumed the obvious like a peach or a rock melon, but strangely enough being called a zucchini flower is just as quirky and satisfying as being called Gary Pepper for the first time that I’m absolutely smitten with it and can only see it in a positive light.

At the end of the day I absolutely loved this two piece which came complete with a beautifully tailored jacket and matching culottes. It just felt so me, zucchini flower and all. I added a hint of pastel and some pointy elf shoes for good measure / no reason.

Just another reason why I adore culottes so much. They’re not for everyone and seem to bring out the hilarity of people who seem to be too hungry before they think to comment on Instagram, which is always going to be very entertaining!

Photos by Carin Olsson