3rd April 2013
Location LOCATION: Queensland

Josh Goot Dress / Nicholas ID Bracelet / Gorjana Rings / Charlotte Olympia Heels

After having a tropical storm follow us down the coast in Queensland, Luke and I knew there wasn’t going to be a lot to do without the sun and the surf so we decided to head inland and made our way from the Sunshine Coast to The Hinterlands. We stopped by the Noosa Botanic Gardens (can you tell gardens seem to be one of my favourite places to visit in each city?) and were blown away by this Greek-style amphitheater hiding beside a picturesque lake. Luckily I had been dragging my Josh Goot dress around in our car, waiting for the perfect piece of architecture to suit its minimalistic and strong structure so this seemed like the perfect setting.

This was about the time I knew I had to cut off all of my hair. The sweltering heat didn’t really allow me to do much with my do, so I found myself sweeping it back behind my ears and pouring half a bottle of water to keep me cool slick it back. It’s so weird looking back on these photos and seeing myself with long hair again. The thought of my hair touching my back in the summer heat gives me goosebumps and all I can think of is “Why the hell didn’t you decide to do this sooner?”. I literally cut half of the length off before I left for New York at the end of January and had it trimmed again after returning home a few weeks ago as it grew out so fast.

It seems my hair wasn’t the only thing going shorter, with the hemline of this Goot dress somehow finding its way above my knee. I never really thought I’d prefer being ‘shorter’ but on these two accounts I seem to prefer it a whole lot more! Now to try and find a way to make my legs grow as fast as my hair.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt