11th March 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

American Apparel Turtleneck / Camilla and Marc Trousers / Ray Ban Aviators / Christopher Kon Leather Clutch / Sigerson Morrison Heels

A super casual afternoon spent exploring the waterfront in Brooklyn in one of the warmest, snuggliest and comfortable knits I own. Even though I wanted to add a pop of blue to my outfit with these new pumps I didn’t really think it through when one of my heels got stuck in between the planks of wood and I fell over, accompanied with a high pitched shriek and a loud thump. People assume bloggers lives are quite glamorous when in reality we’re always falling over because we inappropriately wear heels or battling cramps in our shoulders from carrying around nearly two kilos of camera equipment every time we leave the house. But to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way, even including the falling over part. This is such a foreign concept we’re living through – the life of a blogger – but I’m excited to look back in a few years time to see just how far we’ve all gone with this career choice and laugh about that one time (I made out with a hot dog…) fell over on a wharf all for the sake of shooting some colourful photos. Exciting times ahead, I can feel it in the water.

Photos by Nadia Sawar