5th December 2012
Location LOCATION: Iceland

ASOS Coat / Viktoria & Woods Turtle Neck / J Brand Jeans / Sandro Earmuffs / Primark Owl Mittens / ASOS Chelsea Leather Boots

Just a small taste of the photos we took in Iceland. I know after a while glaciers can all look the same whether they’re floating in Jokulsarlon Lagoon, drifting out to sea or even washed up on Iceland’s black sand beaches, but the fact we have such beauty like this in the world makes me remind myself to not take any of it for granted.

Iceland is such a surreal place and every landscape we saw left me feeling incredibly inspired. From black sand beaches in the town of Vik and yellow meadows surrounding an ice blue Skogafoss Waterfall, to purple sunsets over snow capped mountains, impossibly blue and white glaciers floating in Jokulsarlon Lagoon and the simple beauty of driving along the coastline, Iceland is that rare and unexpected place that quite a lot of people, myself included, would not have thought was as postcard worthy as somewhere like Paris. Perhaps because it was so cold we had to snuggle more than often making the trip unexpectedly more romantic than planned, but if that’s the reason I’m being bias then I could think of worse reasons!

One thing you must do when you’re here is take a boat tour through Jokulsarlon Lagoon. During the tour you get to hold and taste a 1,000 year old iceberg. If that wasn’t on your bucket list before I don’t blame you. “Find and eat a ice cube older than all my relatives combined” is definitely something that hasn’t crossed my mind before.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt and me