11th May 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Sorry for the delay in posting these last two videos from MBFWA. Many people don’t realise but trying to track down songs to use for free is a very long and time consuming process. I used to spend weeks going back and forth with artists who were kind enough to let me use their songs in the first two videos we ever made for Gary Pepper Vintage (here and here), but we just didn’t have the time or patience to attempt to do this but four times over. So we stuck to the one French girl ‘Miss Emma’ who luckily had the fun, energetic and bubbly sound I was looking for.

Sorry if the videos get a little repetitive too. It’s more about showing the collections than anything else but hopefully next time I can remember to shoot more in between moments. We also added show titles for each designer as I realized it was a little tricky to decipher which collection was which.

Highlights include meeting the beautiful Kym Ellery and laughing about Instagram, the beautiful and other-wordly presentation by Australian Icon Jenny Kee, seeing Phil, Candice and Tommy again and making them dance for my readers. Another Fashion Week slipped by so quickly, and I’m already counting down for the next one but this time it’ll be in New York City with some of my favourite people. What do you guys think? Do you prefer video coverage for the collections or photos instead?

Videos by Luke Shadbolt