25th May 2012
Location LOCATION: Hong Kong

In an attempt to cull down my Hong Kong Diary Post (coming tomorrow!) I thought I’d post these photos of my flight with Virgin Atlantic separately.

I’m a very simple girl who has only ever flown economy class before, so naturally and naively I never knew beds on planes existed. And it seems I’m not the only one. After posting this photo (the last photo above) on my Instagram last night it received over 9,000 likes in two hours, with countless people asking if this photo was in fact real. To be honest I never thought I’d get the chance to fly first class and after this flight it’s made me realise how much everyone needs to experience this once in their lifetime. If not for the comfortable beds or fluffy set of pajamas but simply for the fact that Virgin Atlantic has just starting serving high tea on their upper class menus. I know… there are no words.

Anyone who knows me well (or follows me on Instagram!) knows how much I enjoy my high tea and afternoon treats. Scones with jam and cream, cute cupcakes and finger sandwiches are served on a two tier stand accompanied with a hot pot of tea. At 35,000 feet this really is this highest high tea in the world and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Harry Potter, high tea and happiness easily consumed the next 9 hours of my flight.

A special thank you to Belinda, Miryana and Virgin Atlantic for being so generous and making this happen. This already seems like a distant dream, with my head still in the clouds and endless love still in the air. It’s safe to say I’m ruined for any future flights now and will feebly attempt to smuggle my own cupcakes onto my next flight just to relive this experience. Sigh…

Photos by Luke Shadbolt and me