27th July 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Thrifted Jumper / Vintage Skirt / Camilla & Marc Coat

Late Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of having my hair styled at Brad Ngata Hair Direction at The Ivy, Sydney for the Cosmopolitan Awards. Little did I know that Brad Ngata of Brad Ngata Hair Direction was the one actually doing my hair and I was overjoyed to finally meet the man I’d heard so much praise about. Brad is usually booked by glossy magazines, advertisers, tv or runway shows so meeting him was an absolute honor. He created this beautiful small plaited bun on the lower back of my head with the rest of my hair swept around and billowing down the right hand side of my face, which suited my dress perfectly. His French-boudoir-inspired salon was absolutely beautiful so despite trying to remain professional I just had to take a few photos for you all. Pink velvet drapes, black and white floral wallpaper, red roses and Swarovski-studded chairs, this romantic interior design was Parisian chic to a whole new level with tea being served in real porcelain tea cups and the staff uniforms designed by Fleur Wood. Amazing delicate details you wouldn’t have noticed at a quick glance but always makes all the difference.You can stay up to date with Brad Ngata on Facebook here and visit his website here for more information, contact details and salon locations. Thank you to Brad for having me and prepping me for the wonderful night ahead and to Maxted Thomas PR. Photos of the dress coming next!

Photos by me