16th June 2014
Location LOCATION: Broome

For Love & Lemons Dress / Jacquie Aiche Snake Ring / LeiVanKash Feather Rings

I’ve always been obsessed with cascading walls of flowers, or any sort of flower in general I guess, so these overflowing wild bougainvilleas¬†found spilling onto nearly every sidewalk on nearly every corner in Broome was a pure dream.

I’m sorry this is such a short post. Luke and I are absolutely swamped with work as we’re leaving for Hong Kong on Wednesday (more on that soon!), so it’s hard to sit still to try and calmly translate all the thoughts racing through my mind at the moment.¬†Just know that I have a lot in store for you all this week! We’ll also be releasing our special editorial this week, which will give you very clear insight into my mind and the world of Gary Pepper and exactly what’s been preoccupying our time lately.

Until then, keep warm… x

Photos by Luke Shadbolt