11th June 2014
Location LOCATION: Broome

Rag & Bone Straw Visor / ASOS Nautical Dress 

After 25 years I feel like I’ve finally found the perfect length for my hair. With time being so precious these days, the 5 minutes it takes for me to do my hair before a meeting, shoot or event is a godsend. It allows me to throw a quick wave through it with my GHD straightener (I have never used a curling iron because my hair is too thick) ¬†before quickly moving on to my never ending to-do list. What used to take me 30 minutes now takes me 5, with just enough volume and texture in it to keep me happy. It’s made even easier in summer when I quickly throw a hat on to protect my skin (I can’t even begin to tell you the huge difference it makes), or in this case, the newest addition to my straw hat family in the form of this visor by Rag & Bone. I unknowingly found a hat that’s missing the majority of it to suit how much hair I’m missing as well. But the best part? I can pack this visor completely flat in my suitcase and it doesn’t effect the shape. Any reason to not have to wear my wide-brimmed hats on the plane or carry hat boxes the size of small coffee tables is fine with me. Given the size of the tiny sea planes we were catching during our time in North Western Australia, I avoided a few sticky situations. I guess I should have ordered two…

Photos by Luke Shadbolt