2nd June 2014
Location LOCATION: Kalbarri

1. Star gazing @ Island Rock Lookout, Kalbarri
2. Location scouting wearing J Brand Skinng Leg Jeans / Joie Flats
3. Golden hour @ Kalbarri Beach
4. Quick break during our road trip from Geraldton to Kalbarri
5. Glass droplets @ Kalbarri Beach
6. Rainbow at dusk @ Kalbarri Beach
7. Trees sleeping in shadows, ariel shot flying above the West Coast
8. The colours of a burning sunset along the West Coast
9. Silhouettes at sundown wearing ASOS Swing Dress

While I quickly move through a fresh new week (there’s some big changes happening behind closed doors), it’s nice to mentally slow down and reflect on the two days Luke and I spent in Kalbarri last week. We were there for a special editorial (honestly can’t wait to share this one!) and after spending the entire two days shooting in the heat, we would continue by shooting even after the light had faded. In fact, one of the most beautiful sights I saw on this trip lay hidden in the skies when all light was gone, which is one of the rare and perhaps only occasion where I prefer to be still in the darkness than swimming in pools of light.

After leaving Western Australia as a child and returning as an adult, I can appreciate just how much I took for granted when I was younger. The first thing I noticed was the midnight sky. With absolutely no light pollution around and no other soul in sight, the sky was honestly the biggest and brightest I’ve ever seen it. I felt like the heavens had opened and my dreams seemed limitless.

After Luke and I saw three shooting stars, we acknowledged our blessings and called it a night. The excitement was going to take a while to wear off. As we walked back to the car, Luke mumbled “That was crazy. That’s the most stars I’ve ever seen in my life”, and after a few seconds I realised that he wasn’t actually talking to me, but instead talking to himself in utter disbelief.┬áNow he understands why I dreamed of being an astronomer when I was growing up. Inspired by the stars and fascinated with the thought of this world within another world. I guess that’s why I’ve always seemed to live in my own…

Photos by Luke Shadbolt