19th December 2016
Location LOCATION: Santorini

Michael Lo Sordo Dress

I wish I had a reason I felt worthy enough to answer all of your questions as to why I haven’t updated this space for quite some time. Even though this has been one of my most successful years, I found myself questioning what it is I want to create and what it is I want to say on this platform now.

In the beginning it started as a way to document my online vintage store, which naturally evolved into a travel and personal style journal but without my intention to do so. These days, travel and personal style are still very much a part of my life and were some of the foundations my business was built upon, but they feel like less of a priority to the many other blossoming facets of the the business that operate behind closed doors. I also still find the concept of being defined as a person or a ‘personal brand’ by what we wear very strange, and my feelings towards this are becoming stronger and stronger every day the more people try to push you to fit within a certain category.

I remember reading a friend’s entry a few years ago where she expressed similar feelings and I felt relieved to know it wasn’t anything serious, just a much needed interim after realising her interests, expectations and creative outlook had shifted and she just needed a minute to assess how she wanted to move forward.

For me, it’s very much the same. Good things take time to develop and I have found beautiful inspiration in places I never would have made time for before. Time for myself, I should say.

I’m so sorry to have kept you all waiting, it feels so good to be back. More updates to come!

Photo by Luke Shadbolt