23rd March 2016
Location LOCATION: Paris

1. Christopher Esber Top
2. Ellery Slip Dress / Sarah and Sebastian Necklace
3. Sarah and Sebastian Necklace
4. Masini & Chern Personalised Pajamas
5. Sarah and Sebastian ‘Diamond Sud’ Ring
6. KitX Dress

As much as I wanted to start 2016 off fresh by not letting mundane tasks rule my schedule and working towards my five year plan, I seemed to have got stuck in my office doing exactly that.

When I was running my online store, I used to thrive off the adrenalin of organising the administration side of my business. I loved replying to customer service emails, I loved meeting my accountant, I loved doing my book keeping (I even would highlight categories in different coloured highlighters for my accountant just because I could even though I had absolutely no time to be doing it). Now, as I’m physically on a plane for half of the year, I can’t explain how much I find it mentally draining and uninspiring and how this can effect the creative process.

For someone who tries to do everything herself and takes a lot of stubborn pride in process, the most valuable lesson I learnt last year was to trust people and delegate responsibility. I still have a long way to go, but I’m making small progress, and I can tell you right now – it makes all the difference. Surrounding myself with a strong team, as well as strong women, has been nothing but productive.

One of those women is my dear friend Zanita. We’ve been friends and collaborators for such a long time and I’ve always found her to be a ball of excitable energy whenever she’s around. Lately, it’s been so exciting to watch her business and creativity flourish and grow by leaps and bounds. For someone who is trying to assemble a strong team and introduce new structure, I admire how Zanita runs her business while maintaining her authenticity and remaining true to who she is – she’s as real as it comes.

This is from a recent shoot we did in my hotel room in the Park Hyatt in Paris. I had a morning open (we cleared it just to give us time to recover from jet lag if need be), so Zanita raced over at 6:30AM for breakfast and this crisp morning light. I should be used to shooting with her by now, but every time she still blows me away.

Here’s to all the women that inspire you. Never lose that light.

Photographer: Zanita Whittington