8th December 2015
Location LOCATION: The Maldives

Zimmermann Bikini / Zara Top / Eugenia Kim Boater Hat

The sun and its UV rays are your number one enemy when it comes to premature ageing. Looking back I wish I was more sun smart when I was in high school. My excuse at the time was I couldn’t find a moisturiser with SPF that wouldn’t leave my skin white as a ghost or even more oily than it naturally was. Everything I tried seemed too thick and the thought of applying a layer of sunscreen before my moisturiser seemed like a choir.

If I thought my life was too busy then to add a quick layer of sunscreen to my beauty regime, well I guess my 16 year old self had no idea what we were in for 10 years later. Time is so precious, so that’s why finding a 2-in-1 sunscreen moisturiser is so vital for any working woman in this day and age.

So as it’s nearly Christmas, I thought I’d share a little gift with you.

This is the moisturiser with SPF50+ I use and have been using for over a year. My skin specialist Melanie Grant introduced me to it whilst she was busy changing my entire skincare regime and the products I use. I’ve never been happier with my skin than I am at the moment thanks to Mel. It’s also the first time I was excited to apply sunscreen as soon as I woke up. The product itself glides on and leaves your skin looking naturally dewy and illuminated. I even use it at night as a primer because it gives my skin a beautiful sheen underneath my make up.

You can read more about my moisturiser here and shop for it here. Enjoy!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I have incredibly sensitive skin so I have been victim to trying new skincare products and having my skin react or break out, which is why I would never do that to you and suggest or endorse any skincare or beauty products that I don’t personally use myself. 

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt
Location: Amilla Fushi, The Maldives