22nd December 2015
Location LOCATION: Maldives

Alice McCall Top and Skirt / Eugenia Kim Boater Hat / Chanel Bag / Ancient Greek Sandals / Sarah & Sebastian ‘Meridian’ Necklace

I just landed back in Australia from Singapore just in time to spend Christmas with my close circle of girlfriends and Luke’s family. Tomorrow, Luke and I fly to Tasmania to visit my family before heading to Oahu in Hawaii!

I can’t remember ever being this desperate for a holiday because I have always loved working as much as I can and always felt guilty taking tome off. Now that I’m older and perhaps a little wiser, I can appreciate dedicating a few weeks to yourself for your well-being to focus on having balance for the months ahead. For me, that means working out, doing yoga, reading books, swimming in the ocean, hiking with Luke, brainstorming new ideas, no heels and planning my wedding.

What does a holiday mean to you and how do you spend your Christmas break? It’s been so lovely hearing more from all of you and I’m feeling more connected than ever.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt