7th December 2015
Location LOCATION: North Shore, Oahu

North Shore in Oahu, 2014

We just booked our trip back to Hawaii for New Year’s Eve. We’ll be doing the same as we did last year; a week along the North Shore and a week in Kauai. Luke is going to be there for a month shooting a new photo series he’s been dreaming about ever since we left last year, and I’m going to finally start planning our wedding.

Considering Luke’s last photo series (pictured above) landed him the cover of Surfing World magazine, I can’t wait to see him back in the water. This is my favourite photo he’s ever taken. According to Surfing World’s editor Vaughan Blakey, it was the most talked about cover in the 20 years he’d been working in magazines.

We try to keep our careers separate but I can’t help share this. I’m constantly inspired by my man and can’t wait to get back to Hawaii.

Where are you all spending your holiday break?

Counting down!

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt