23rd November 2015
Location LOCATION: Paris

Paris, July 2013

In light of the recent tragedy in Paris, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favourite cities. I am beyond grateful none of my friends in Paris were involved, but that doesn’t make the loss of so many innocent lives less real. I sincerely hope none of you lost any loved ones, and my deepest sympathies to those affected by this. It’s truly devastating, and there are no words.

This series of unpublished photos were taken over two years ago. We wanted to show the city of love in a new light by experimenting with its iconic landmark. Truthfully, we ran out of day light, so as a result the photos were limited and much darker than planned. Luke and I were convinced these photos weren’t good enough to share and told ourselves we would return to re-take them. Now, as I look back over them, I find beauty in their imperfections.

Pray for Paris. Pray for humanity.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt