15th October 2015
Location LOCATION: Paris

Sarah & Sebastian Sun Choker and Sun Diamond Necklace / Uniqlo Cashmere Jumper 

This fashion month I decided to only attend Paris Fashion Week and one show during New York. This is partly due to the large production Gary Pepper has taken on for one of my dream lifestyle clients, which will help take us away from essentially fashion and beauty and really show the new direction we’ve been slowly shifting towards and experimenting with for the past six months. There’s more shifts coming, both personally and professionally, and I can’t wait to really unleash all the ideas that I’ve been trying to juggle for the past two years.

The other parts were taking the time to fly home from New York to attend my little sister’s wedding, before flying back to Paris for fashion week and quickly moving on to London, San Francisco and Santiago to work on this finishing this production. It’s the largest project I’ve taken on and it’s been demanding my entire focus.

For now, I’m working so hard to breathe new life into what we do and how we do it.

This portrait was taken in-between meetings during Paris Fashion Week. I was exhausted, but being surrounded by old friends whom I rarely get to see like Carin, Mandy and Bree always brings me new energy and keeps me feeling uplifted and inspired.

Photographer: Carin Olsson