3rd February 2015
Location LOCATION: Kauai

Zimmermann ‘Riot Off The Shoulder’ Bikini (in-stock) / Sarah and Sebastian Short Meridian and ring

I remember seeing this Zimmermann Bikini in their look book and immediately thinking just how spectacular it was, but then my realistic approach kicked in and I realised that bikinis usually look different on me than the models seen on the glossy pages before me, so I just convinced myself that it was a beautiful editorial rather than a beautiful swimsuit and left it at that.

Fast forward six months and I’d find myself popping into Bondi Junction on the hunt for new bikinis to pack for our Hawaii trip. The thought of shopping in-stores honestly makes me feel uneasy. I’ve always been like this, opting to shop online in the comfort of my own home without the worry of sale assistants following me around and subtly trying to add-on. It’s quite ironic, really, as I started in retail and worked my way up to a retail manager and even trained to be a state LPO (Loss Prevention Officer), but as time passed I realised it wasn’t for me and I left knowing most of the tricks of the (retail) trade. In this particular instance, I was reminded there is still a huge benefit of physically being able to shop in-store.

I spotted this bikini quietly sitting on the rack and thought to myself “It’s so beautiful but I bet it will look way too frilly and over the top on me”. I walked out, drove home, and found myself back here a few days later trying it on just for the sake of it. I’d honestly convinced myself it wouldn’t look the same on me. It only took a few seconds of having it on to justify buying it – it hid all the right places and was truly one of a kind. I haven’t been this obsessed with a swimsuit in, well, any point of my adult life. There was absolutely no going back.

After posting it on Instagram I’ve had countless girls email asking if I would sell it after it quickly sold out online. I even had a few mothers drive from Sydney to my markets at Terrigal on the weekend asking if I would consider selling it to their daughters, but unfortunately I just love it too damn much to part with it anytime soon.

Luckily, I spotted it’s been re-stocked here in white and a similar style in navy. After much research I can’t find it anywhere else online, so I hope for the few of you who are quick enough to get it are able to appreciate it just as much as I do!

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt