20th January 2015
Location LOCATION: New York


As you might have seen on Instagram by now, here is my cover story for Lucky Magazine with my fellow friends Zanita and Chiara!

I recall receiving an email on the 23rd of July from one of the girls at Lucky who was asking if I was attending Paris Fashion Week this season and what my schedule was looking like. The year prior I had done two photo shoots for Lucky whilst in New York (one with Candice Lake and the other with Phil Oh), so I didn’t think twice about it and replied saying I would be flying in for the last half of the week due to work commitments in Australia, I finished my coffee and went about tackling the to-do list I set for myself every morning.

A few days pass and I wake to an email discussing the initial idea for the story they were working on. The difference this time? It has the word ‘cover’ in front of it. Did I just read that correctly or were my eyes playing tricks on me so early in the morning? Would Lucky be so bold to put bloggers digital influencers on the cover of their traditional print format? And would I be so bold even thinking for a split second they’ve asked me to be a part of it if I’ve indeed misread their email?

There’s always going to be the posts about being grateful and saying thank you. I’m guilty of it and I find no shame in openly expressing your gratitude for the people, love and experiences around you, and this situation is no different. But it’s not only a thank you to the Lucky Team and Conde Nast (I was told Anna had to approve all candidates for the cover), but a personal thank you to all of you. It takes hard work and perseverance to build a business, sure, but it’s nothing without the community that believe and stand beside it.

Here’s to seeing how digital media will continue to evolve this this year and being god damn excited by it…

Photographer: Todd Cole @ Giant Artists
Creative Director: Katia Kuethe @ Lucky Magazine
Styling: Karina Givargisoff @ The Wall Group
Make-Up: Morgane Martini @ ArtList Paris
Hair: Jennifer Yepez @ The Wall Group
Manicurist: Lucia Cheptene @ B4 Agency
B-Roll Videographer: Benjamin Trancart and Germain Berent
Producer: Celine Guillerm @ Octopix France