23rd January 2015
Location LOCATION: Oahu

Eugenia Kim Hat (also in-stock here) / ASOS Floral Dress / Ancient Greek Sandals

Driving down the East Side of Oahu is a must for anyone visiting, especially for its picturesque and serene photo opps and numerous hikes. Wait, I guess I just described Hawaii as a whole? As I mentioned before, it was raining for most of our time in Oahu so most of the hikes weren’t an option, especially as the one that we wanted to do in particular was illegal and you had to start before sunrise, but that’s just more the reason to come back and perhaps a reason not to publicly disclose or encourage anyone to do it on this site! Google can help with that one.

Still, we had the chance to explore the beautiful grounds below and stumble across idyllic settings like this one. And lucky we did. I had been trying to justify how I could spend so much money on a hat (the thoughts ‘I just need it!’ don’t really make for a strong argument) until I saw this particular swing. I think these photos reflect pretty much how we were feeling and the reason why we took this trip – we just wanted to focus on mapping out the year ahead without being disturbed.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt