18th November 2014
Paris moments
Paris moments
Location LOCATION: Paris

Roland Mouret Top / Jennifer Zeuner Necklace

After stepping out onto the tiny sidewalk from my apartment in Paris, Carin and I were moving quickly to a meeting we had a few blocks over. I can never help but look up when I’m thereĀ and my constant gazing in awe of the architecture around us quickly inspired this post, despite how incredibly busy we were.

‘My god, I just love this place. ItĀ feels like home more and more each day.’ I thought to myself with ease.

We had no intention of shooting this outfit and in many ways these photos aren’t meant to focus on what I was wearing. Instead they capture a natural moment; I was just a girl in one of her favourite cities, dreaming of what life would be like if I was to live there and excited by the thought of the possibilities that await, which I think we all do on a daily basis. They’re just tiny moments in time stolen from our busy schedule, time we felt we couldn’t afford but are now so incredibly valuable.

To me, they’re also a reminder that no matter where I am in the world, no matter how busy I may be, to always take the time to acknowledge the beauty surrounding us and appreciate how those thoughts will inspire and influence every aspect of my life. A quick acknowledgement can go a very long way.

Then reality hit, we realised we could potentially be late, and quickly hurried down the street to continue with the busy day ahead of us…

Photographer: Carin Olsson