6th October 2014
Location LOCATION: Paris

Lover Lace Dress / Ryan Storer Pearl Earrings

While we’re busy working in Paris I thought it would be a perfect time to publish some photos from my last trip here. These are the second last set of photos I shot with Carin when we were in Paris together last. This particular day we lucked into the most serene sunlight glistening through this tree of billowing white blossoms.

We’ve been busy shooting even more photos so I promise you won’t have to wait anywhere as long to see them. While we race around the city, is there any series of photos you’d like to see next that I may not have published yet? I still have Sicily, Norway and Australia to post once I can move through editing them all. It’s been a while since I asked you all if there’s any content you’d like to see more of, so any questions, suggestions or requests just let me know. I’ve always read every comment on my site, social media platforms, and emails, so your words are always appreciated and taken on board. And yes that means I read every comment on Instagram… it’s quite soothing and makes me feel like I’m never alone even if I’m sitting at an international airport by myself or arriving to a room full of people I’ve never met before…

Photographer: Carin Olsson