4th September 2014
Location LOCATION: Australia

Lover Dress

I wanted to share with you all an unpublished photo from our creative editorial with Lancome, shot at a fluorescent natural pink lake in Western Australia. Why? Just a little thank you for nominating Gary Pepper for ‘Best Photography’ at the 2014 Bloglovin’ Awards – it was so humbling to find out we are a finalist!

I’ve always believed in quality over quantity and, being the perfectionist and control freak I am, feel so grateful to have found fellow creatives that understand, respect and genuinely love Gary Pepper the way I do, enough for us to work closely as a team and create magic together. So thank you for acknowledging Luke Shadbolt and Carin Olsson‘s talents, they make work an absolute dream and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help convey the Gary Pepper perspective. For the past five years it’s been my whole world, and I hope in many ways it feels like yours too.

This little gesture makes all of the hours spent on research, concept development, execution and publishing all the more worth it. It just encourages us to keep going and we can’t wait to create and share even more with you all, for you all.

Let’s keep painting the world of Gary Pepper together…

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Photographer: Luke Shadbolt