13th September 2014
Location LOCATION: Hong Kong

1. Witchery Top / Vintage Shorts / Tabitha Simmons Flats / Prada Double Bag
2. Josh Goot Top, Skirt and Pants / Charlotte Olympia Paloma Heels

Just checking-in with a post from Hong Kong, where we spent two days for a beauty conference, media interviews and a segment I filmed with FOX.

Often I’ll explain my day-to-day movements on Instagram, so when I say I “hit the ground running” I truly mean it. I often land, check-in, and move straight onto whatever project we are working on without allowing my body or mind to fully adjust to the timezone I’m in. Luckily I’m quite a good flyer, often falling asleep before the flight has taken off from the ground as it’s the only time I’m disconnected from the internet and my body can fully rest. As for my mind? Well, it’s always clear with fresh ideas and I always arrive at my destination with a quarter of my notebook filled to the brim with notes I’ve scribbled down. Unfortunately I still have a complex about people reading over my shoulder (personal space, people!) so I’m awkwardly in my seat with my notebook pressed up to my chest with my nose often touching the paper.

Traveling overseas for work and long haul flights are a common part of my life. To be honest, it’s something that I’ve never really thought too much about nor thought that anyone would find it interesting enough to invite me to Hong Kong to discuss it. In particular, my beauty routine. You’ve all requested I do a tutorial on my make-up and beauty essentials, but my in-flight beauty regime is just something I do when I’m on autopilot mode (see what I did there?) and is just a way of life for me.

‘First Class Beauty’ by DFS, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, invited me to speak on a panel of beauty experts in Hong Kong in front of the top leading lifestyle and luxury publications in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Japan. I was joined by China’s most popular celebrity make-up artist Perry Liu, Miss Universe Japan Miyako Miyazaki and DFS’s beauty expert Rowena Marvel. Intimidated? Never, especially because I can’t speak any other language besides English. With First Class Beauty by DFS being unveiled in over 13 different countries, it was wonderful to take part in the world’s largest beauty event for the world traveler, so thank you to everyone who made my experience in Hong Kong so memorable. I’m always so overwhelmed when I found out exactly who, or how many, is following my brand.

Is my in-flight beauty regime something you’d all like to know? After this experience I’m curious to know if everyone else find it just as interesting…

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt