23rd June 2014
Location LOCATION: Australia

Recreate the look:
Lips: Lip Lover – Shade 351
Eyes: Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
Cheeks: Blush Subtil
Base: Teint Miracle
Skin care: Advanced Genefique

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since my last editorial for Lancome. Last year, after celebrating the new Lancome x Alber Elbaz Collection launch in Paris, Luke and I traveled around France to create ‘Life is Beautiful’; a story about celebrating beautiful moments in life. From quintessential Parisian backdrops of the Eiffel Tower and romantic cafes, to serene and endless lavender and sunflower fields in Central France (the original home of Lancome), our locations were varied and we traveled far and wide to introduce you all to the beautiful world of Lancome through the Gary Pepper perspective.

This year, Luke and I couldn’t be more excited to continue our ‘Life is Beautiful’ story-telling adventures with Lancome. In celebration of their new Lip Lover collection (a vibrant, high shine gloss that is this decade’s answer to the 90’s Juicy Tube phenomenon), we’ve created our second story together called ‘Rosella’; a story dedicated to seeing the world through rose-coloured (or should I say pink) glasses. With a colour palette of 24 different shades of pink (9 of which are available in Australia), Lancome reinvents this feminine colour with a sparkling range infused with all the charms of coral, raspberry, pink-beige, rosewood and even deep purple.

Instead of just celebrating the colour pink through fashion and make-up, I wanted to take the story-telling one step further and visually immerse you all in a world of pink, literally. The pink shades of this lake were truly incredible – and felt perfectly poised to float into your loveliest daydreams. Although it may be hard to believe, pink lakes do actually exist outside of our own fantasy and this one provided the perfect setting for this very special story, with the different sections of the pink lake resemble a make-up palette when viewed from above.

This is easily the largest production Luke and I have ever worked on. Not in terms of a team (there’s only ever two of us), but in terms of logistics and time. We spent two days shooting as we only had a few hours of appropriate light; the pink lake glows it’s most iridescent when light is directly above and begins to turn silver by the late afternoon when light starts hitting it from an angle. Luke took most of the photos from the air in a sea plane, and as the airport was 45 minutes from the pink lake, this meant that I had to wait in the sun for an hour and a half before and after being dropped off, but it was well worth the wait (it’s never as glamorous as it seems!).

So after all of this, I’d like to welcome you all back to the beautiful world of Lancome through the Gary Pepper persepctive and share with you ‘Rosella’; our story celebrating the colour pink and the pure romance you feel when we wear it.

‘La Vie Est Belle’ or ‘Life is Beautiful’, and so are you…

Photos by Luke Shadbolt
Creative Direction by Nicole Warne @ IMG