9th May 2014
Location LOCATION: Zurich

It seems like a lifetime ago that Luke and I were in Switzerland. We flew into Zurich for just a few days with Calvin Klein Watches+Jewelry to make a special announcement (more details about this coming next) during Baselworld. We were lucky enough to have one day to explore beautiful Switzerland, a place I had been dreaming about visiting but for some reason always ended up being cut from the European agenda due to location, time and money. Oh god, I heard Switzerland was expensive but this was painfully high, but more not that later. Like always, when Luke and I have either one day or one month to explore a new place we immediately did what we think is the best (and only) way to discover a new destination: hire a car. We escaped the city center and given the short daylight hours we only made it a few hours from Zurich before having to return before the jet lag would kick in at 9:30pm every night, resulting in us collapsing, no matter what public or private area we were located.

Sending some postcards from serene Switzerland. The picturesque and pristine natural landscapes we saw in just one day made my mind dizzy with the thought of just how much more was hiding behind the suns shadow. If only there were more hours in the day, or if only we went to Switzerland with Beyonce…

Photos by Luke Shadbolt