14th May 2014
Location LOCATION: Dubai

H&M Top (similar here) / J Brand Shorts /  Cutler & Gross Glasses

On the way home from Switzerland we had a stop over in Dubai for a few days working with Emirates and Dubai Tourism. The words “stop over in Dubai” are far from uncommon for us fellow Australians who have to endure at least two flights and hours stuck in transit to make it as far as the United States, or even further to lay footprints in Europe. But add the words “for a few days” and the sentence becomes completely foreign to not only me, but also to a vast 99% of my Australian friends who seemed just as clueless as I was to what exactly lay outside those mysterious Dubai International Airport walls.

Let’s just say Dubai exceeded every expectation I had, but in saying that, I wasn’t entirely sure what my expectations were considering I didn’t know any friends, family or peers who had been before. Perhaps that is what made the experience even more enticing? The fact we were caught so off guard by just how visually stunning this man made world hiding within a world is and taken by its unconventional beauty.¬†Actually, who am I kidding? I think spending a few hours driving through what seems to be a never-ending sight of sand dunes in the desert is pretty damn enticing to me.

And I know what you’re thinking and completely agree, this could possibly be the most casual you’ve ever seen me. Blue denim – in both the short, frayed and full length form – have indeed found their way into my wardrobe after living 25 years in some sort of denial. And don’t worry, I finally get it. So that’s what it feels like to be able to bend your knees in full-length pants? Bliss.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt