9th March 2014
Location LOCATION: Paris

Look 1: Red Daniele Carlotta Dress / Thale Blanc Clutch
Look 2: Blue Ygal Azrouel Dress / Khirma Eliazov Clutch / Miu Miu Necklace and Earrings
Look 3: Light Blue Sachin & Babi Dress / Albino Coat / Khirma Eliazov Clutch / Emanuele Bicocchi Ear Piece
Look 4: Marco Bologna Top and Pants / Illesteva Sunglasses

With only a one hour allowance from Hotel Plaza Athenee to shoot what we needed, the adrenaline and excitement of seeing Paris from this rare viewing point seemed to fuel just how fast we could move. This is indeed the same balcony that Carrie squeals with joy on Sex and the City as soon as she sees the view, and in no way did we react any different. Breathtaking to say the least, yet no time to catch our breath with the clock ticking and fading light, it wasn’t until we all collapsed in the back seat of our taxi did we stop to appreciate how we had just spent the past few hours.

I’m so happy to finally be able to share this editorial with you all. It’s perhaps one of my fondest memories of Paris and marked the beginning of a blossoming friendship with my now dear friend Maxim. Plus it’s a mix of a few of my favourite things: vivid colour, billowing gowns and Paris. There’s too many reasons to list why I adore this shoot, so I’ll just leave you all to make up your own mind.

Photos by Zhanna Bianca
Produced and styled by Maxim Sapozhnikov
Project by Fashion To Max for Glamour Russia