30th October 2012
Location LOCATION: Versailles

MSGM Yellow Coat / ASOS Silk Floral Dress / Jennifer Zeuner Necklace / Kurt Geiger Heels

It seems France holds the key to my heart, and by heart I mean all the locations I have ever dreamed of. You would think trying to find a line of tall, hauntingly beautiful trees like this would be easy but alas, nothing until now has filled that need. It seemed like Autumn was well and truly settling in across the French landscape and it seemed like the perfect time to stumble across this place in the Versailles Gardens. It was actually sprinkling with rain when we took these photos which made it all the more fun to shoot and didn’t damper our moods in the slightest. A couple standing close by asked if it was our honeymoon, we laughed it off and said no only to find out it was in fact their honeymoon. So Luke being Luke went along and shot the exact same photos for them so they could remember this moment forever. Honeymoon or no honeymoon, Versailles is simply romantic and the perfect place to fall in love with its surroundings or the person you visit it with.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt