19th March 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Style Stalker Skirt and Top / Zara Heels / Vintage Bag and Bracelet

Sometimes I see an outfit by one designer that is so perfectly put together I can’t help but want to wear it from head to toe. Usually this is something I try to steer clear from as I see it as too easy. No styling, no layering, no thought into how to make it your own, but I suppose the saying goes “Why fix it when it’s not broken?”.

Well that’s how I felt about this stunning two piece by Style Stalker when I first laid eyes upon it and couldn’t imagine wearing it any other way. So incredibly versatile when worn separately or easily worn together for an elegant evening look. Luxurious feeling fabric with thigh high splits, accompanied by an exquisite top with slits both on the front and back and finished with a delicate bow tie. I really couldn’t – and wouldn’t – want to wear it any other way.

The perfect flowing gown that makes me feel like I just stepped off a Gucci runway, with silver two toned heels and a glittery sea shell bag for a futuristic cosmic twist.

Photos by Jysla Kay