12th October 2011
Location LOCATION: New York City

 Marcs Top / Topshop Shirt and Skirt / Vintage Boots / Flint Glasses / See By Chloe Bag

So after easily the longest flight I’d ever been on I landed in New York at 2am in the morning. By 9am Luke and I were up, feeling fresh and wandering the streets from our cute Soho apartment all the way up to Fifth Avenue. For anyone who has been to New York you’d probably think we were crazy to walk that far, but Luke thought it would be the most enjoyable way to show me around this magical city and help me get my bearings (I have absolutely no sense of direction!).

New York City had welcomed us with a beautifully sunny and warm day and I just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all day. We found our way down Bleeker Street and stopped in at Magnolia Bakery, where I had to fight my way through the front door due to the intense amount of people lining up for their mouthwatering cupcakes. You can imagine how annoyed people would of been with me when I held up the line by quickly trying to take some photos, but how could you be unhappy in a place like this and how could I not take photos of a place like this?

With Pinkberry in hand we wandered up to Fifth Avenue, stopping to admire cute boutiques, love heart sidewalks, hot dog stands, stunning sky high buildings and basically everything there is to love about New York. Wish someone could have recorded my face when I spotted my first yellow taxi and proceeded to take 30 photos of it.

An hour later I already had a few new purchases and my new favourite shoes, a pair of black patent loafers that would accompany me everywhere. I’d be warned by nearly everyone that I’d love this place but nothing really prepared me for just how much I would love it.

A wonderful and surreal first day in New York City. By the second Luke and I were already looking into renting an apartment and somehow building a life here. Crazy and unrealistic, I know, but New York City will do that to you and I was more than happy to oblige.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt