28th November 2010
Colourful Space
Location LOCATION: Sydney

What a week! I’ve been missing for the past 5 days and to be honest i’m not really sure what i’ve been doing with myself (besides taking photos in a 1950′s tulle dress on my furniture?). You know that feeling when you’re frantically trying to do 20 things at once and instead of focusing on […]

26th November 2010

DIY Flower headband, Camilla & Marc high waist Shorts I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful day i had yesterday. Not only have we finally settled in to our new home after 5 days of painful and torturous moving but i also received some wonderful surprises in the post. The biggest surprise of […]

25th November 2010
Shooting For Cornetto
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Hot on the heels of the exciting news i shared with you all yesterday is something even bigger and more surreal than i could have ever hoped for. Remember about a month ago i blogged that I was in Sydney shooting a new campaign? Well, after much anticipation we were finally given the green light […]

23rd November 2010
Cornetto Campaign

Happy ‘first day of Summer’ everyone! I can’t really believe how quickly it’s come around but i can tell you right now i am SO excited for what’s to come this season. I seem to sound like a broken record these days with all this talk of summer approaching but honestly, warm mornings and even […]

15th November 2010
Press & Print

So after this long of blogging i can only hope you all know me a little bit better by now. It seems even after this amount of time i’m still not used to any sort of media attention and will try to avoid posting about it as much as i can. But after weeks of […]