27th December 2009
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

One thing I’ve learnt and really adore about the blogging world is that when someone admires another’s work whether it is photos, words, design or even an idea, we give credit to where it should be given, an unwritten rule and sign of respect. It’s as simple as that. So in saying that, I thought […]

18th December 2009

Blah, what a crazy week! My lack of posts is a result of Christmas shopping for two families, eight people and seven birthdays, but I’m happy to announce that all sorts of shopping for the year are done and dusted, and with 8 days to spare! Goodbye overly crowded shopping center, hello wrapping paper and […]

13th December 2009

I spent my Friday morning quickly making these masks for a masquerade party I had on the weekend. The pink one I made for my friend and easily covered it in tiny little foam hearts. Mine on the other hand, required a hot glue gun and hundreds of tiny silver beads which I finished off […]

10th December 2009

So i just realized that this is actually our very last listings for 2009! With the planner quickly filling up with places to go and people to see, I thought it would be wise to have a two week break over Christmas. I actually don’t want to but I thought it was only fair as […]

8th December 2009
Location LOCATION: Sydney

So right now I’m living out of suitcases as were still trying to find a new place. I really could not have anticipated that it would take this long and feel foolish for thinking we’d be settled in before Christmas. I’m beginning to miss the beautiful little things I had scattered around my room like […]