7th April 2010

So you can all tell when I have had a crazy busy week when my blog is neglected for more than two days. Unfortunately, I’ve been in chocolate induced coma since last Friday due to easter egg hunts and everything has been moving at half pace ever since. But I finally got all of my […]

4th April 2010
Lomo Giveaway

IT’S FINALLY HERE! GARY PEPPER’S VERY FIRST CUSTOMER LOOKBOOK COMPETITION! And guess what? I have not one, but two of these amazing lomo cameras to giveaway this month! For your chance to win a canary yellow lomo simply keep suggesting our facebook page to your friends list. The more friends of yours that join, the […]

2nd April 2010
New Arrivals

I’d nearly forgotten to show you all my store favorites this week. I think this is actually my favorite collection so far. It’s hard to find dresses that aren’t the same cut, design or floral print to what you’ve already found so i simply love all the different styles available this week. Then again, i […]

1st April 2010
Press & Print

What a crazy week. I’ve been busy sourcing new stock for the store and decided to go three hours up the coast to explore new vintage. It was beautifully relaxing to spend some time to myself, reflect on my work and get my priorities in order, I also think I now know every single word […]

31st March 2010
GPV Accessories

After being stuck in a no jewelry drought for nearly a month I finally stumbled across some super cute vintage pieces that I have updated onto ‘gary pepper pieces‘. Can you believe I found all this amazing jewelry plus my seal necklace (which I decided to call ‘dumpling’ thanks to the adorable emma of Spin […]