9th January 2010

Good morning. Ah, sadly my week of bliss is coming to an end. I will be attempting to start my weekly routine as of tomorrow and I am really not looking forward to hitting the gym and grocery shopping again. But the past week has been wonderful, I had some quality time to myself and […]

6th January 2010

Ring: YSL. Chocolate: Cadbury creme egg I love January for a handful of reasons. I love January because it’s the time of year where summer is kind and will give you a beautiful day in the sun and then a cosy thunderstorm in the afternoon. I love january because everything seems brighter and the people […]

4th January 2010

I’m sure you can all feel my pain when I sit here and tell you how hard it is to try and get back in to the swing of things, and when I say swing of things, I mean work, not sleeping in, going to the gym and saving money again. So in other words… […]

3rd January 2010
Twenty Ten
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Shirt: Ben Sherman, Bow: DIY, Camera: Holga from Tokyo I cannot believe another year has passed so quickly. If anyone told me that 2009 was going to be the biggest year of my life, I wouldn’t have believed them. I finally made it to Japan, started studying, opened Gary Pepper and quit my job to […]

30th December 2009

So it’s Wednesday, and I quit my job today. In exactly two weeks i’m going to be a self-employed full time op- shopper… Holyshit. Words cannot describe, but these photos can