8th June 2010
Gary Peppermint
Location LOCATION: Sydney

So like I’ve said before, I really don’t like posting about all of the places Gary Pepper Vintage is featured each week because I don’t think every post should be full of ‘congratulations’ and ‘well done’ and the last thing I want is for people to roll their eyes every time they read my blog. […]

5th June 2010
New Stock

So this is going to be the quickest post i’ve probably ever written. I was so busy this week that i completely forgot to post my favourite photos from my new collection… my new collection that is actually ending in the ebay store tonight… in about 2 hours, actually. It’s probably best if we don’t […]

2nd June 2010
Late Night

So it’s 12:29am and it looks like I won’t be going to bed for at least another few hours. My body clock seems to be all backwards at the moment as I’ve been having extremely late nights and even later morning starts so before I know it, the day is over already. In my dazed […]

24th May 2010
Postcards from Home
Location LOCATION: Tasmania

If anyone ever tells you that it’s easy to run an online vintage store as well as maintaining a daily blog, they’re lying. I seem to be absolutely swamped with emails this week and have a never ending list of things I want to achieve before the week is out, but then again, I say […]

19th May 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Spotted Dress/Green Jacket: Thrifted, Black Fur coat: Vintage, Brogues: vintage, Panda Hat: Gift from Alex Just a few shots I took on the weekend when Laura, Alex and I went on a little picnic over the road. Seeing as Alex didn’t have to work on Monday and I technically don’t have to go to work […]