8th February 2010

If you haven’t noticed by now all of our active listings have disappeared! I thought I would let you all know that Ebay has replied to my email and are yet to conclude what exactly has happened to my 86 items and said they will be refunding all of my listing fees. This has happened […]

4th February 2010

I was staring at a wall of ribbons today when for some reason I realized that I haven’t even posted my top ten picks for our February collection that is in store now! I have been so busy preparing a nice surprise for you all that will be revealed this sunday, another project that has […]

3rd February 2010

Yesterday I did a quick little interview with the lovely Vanessa for ‘The Monday Issue’ talking about the store and our promotion with HOME the venue. It was lovely but I couldn’t believe how nervous I was to answer some simple and entertaining questions about myself! If you haven’t already heard how to enter on […]

2nd February 2010
Chrissy Lau

I would like to happily introduce you all to Chrissy Lau. She is an artist/illustrator from Yorkshire, England but now resides in Sydney and is “taking on the world, one drawing at a time”. Over the past week we have been excitedly sending emails back and fourth getting to know each other, talking about ideas […]

31st January 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Jumper & brooches: thrifted, socks: Topshop, wedges: Wittner My Topshop order finally arrived on friday! I’ve pretty much worn these socks all weekend and it looks like they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, I’m in love. They may have been double the price but we just don’t have good quality knee highs here, or […]