1st November 2010
High Tea
Location LOCATION: Sydney

On Friday i had the pleasure of meeting up with my long term online pen pal Micaela. She’s the lovely lady you’ll often hear me thanking in my press posts and the (very young, might i add) editor of Ebay Magazine. After months of countless emails we finally took some time out of our busy […]

30th October 2010
Sydney With Cornetto
Location LOCATION: Sydney

One of the many talented people i had the pleasure of meeting was the gorgeous Amanda of Here Comes The Sun. If you’re reading this from New Zealand then you have more than likely heard of her and her adorable blog. It’s kind of like the New Zealand version of Day Dream Lily, another daily […]

29th October 2010
Press & Print

Thrifted pink knit, Vintage leather shorts, Akubra Hat, Jeffrey Campbell Platforms, YSL/vintage rings What better way to pass the time than taking photos around your hotel room, especially when you have a shiny new toy to play with! I was given this amazing little camera as a gift from the creative agency we’ve been working […]

25th October 2010
Coming Soon

Sorry for the super long post but it seems to be getting harder and harder to narrow down each collection to only a handful of items to post on my blog. I am honestly falling more and more in love with every item I sell. Possibly because it’s coming into Summer and the vibrant and […]

20th October 2010
Something New

Just a little preview of the 100 amazing new dresses i have hitting the store tonight at 7pm (EST Sydney time). To keep up with the high demand for dresses and also the warmer weather i thought this would be a perfect chance to try something new and refreshing. I got rid of the knee […]