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Here are some behind the scenes photos of the making of our Lucky Cover Story. It was the day after Paris Fashion Week had ended back in October. As always, it was an early call time and we were all feeling a little flat after such a long month of fashion weeks and traveling, but the thought of secretly working on one of the biggest milestones of our careers had us bubbling with excitement.

I feel so appreciative to be sharing the experience with two of my dear friends Zanita and Chiara, who share the same enthusiasm, both for this opportunity and for life in general. Actually, this photo doesn’t make me look like I’m having too much fun. I don’t think I’ll ever be the paparrazi type!

BTS Photographer: Carin Olsson
Photographer: Todd Cole @ Giant Artists

Creative Director: Katia Kuethe @ Lucky Magazine
Styling: Karina Givargisoff @ The Wall Group
Make-Up: Morgane Martini @ ArtList Paris
Hair: Jennifer Yepez @ The Wall Group
Manicurist: Lucia Cheptene @ B4 Agency
B-Roll Videographer: Benjamin Trancart and Germain Berent
Producer: Celine Guillerm @ Octopix France

]]> 0 Guest Judging for Calvin Klein Sat, 24 Jan 2015 00:01:26 +0000 This was a global design initiative that awarded one winner from each design school the prize of having their designs created and exhibited by Calvin Klein at Baselworld in 2015.]]>

Josh Goot Top / CH by Carolina Herrera Pants / Calvin Klein Bracelets and Ring

A few months ago I made my way from London to Shanghai to work with Calvin Klein as one of their guest judges for their Watch + Jewelry Design Contest. This was a global design initiative that awarded one winner from each design school - The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and Donghua University in Shanghai – the prize of having their designs created and exhibited by Calvin Klein at Baselworld in 2015.

You’ll recall this contest started all the way back in March when we flew to Switzerland for the official announcement at Baselworld, and then six months later the moment had finally arrived to sit down and asses each students entry. The jury consisted of Ulrich Grimm, Creative Director of Calvin Klein’s Men’s and Women’s Shoes and Accessories, Mauro Stefanizzi, Head of Product at Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry, and Stephanie Zhuge, Fashion Director at Elle China. We had 20 design finalists, which made the task of awarding first, second and third prizes painstakingly difficult as each student clearly understood the design brief and had even gone above and beyond by submitting 3D vector graphics of their designs digitally shown on models. Talk about next level and over-delivering – it was impressive to say the least.

This was actually my second time at being a guest judge for a design award. Earlier that year I took part as a guest judge for the BT Emerging Fashion Designer Award for the Australian Fashion Chamber, which also had Vogue Australia Editor-in-Chief Edwina McCann and Australian designers such as Camilla Freeman-Topper from Camilla and Marc amongst the few on the jury panel. I never actually wrote about my participation in the jury (Michael Lo Sordo took out the prestigious award) but the process was vastly different to Calvin Klein’s and I found both experiences exhilarating and incredibly insightful. The BT Emerging Designer Award was based on design, quality, business vision, marketing and social media presence, whilst the Calvin Klein Design Contest was purely focused on the design, quality and the interpretation of the Calvin Klein aesthetic.

Two hours passed but working with a tight deadline meant we couldn’t leave the room without making a decision on the winner. We were torn. There were two finalists who had the team divided straight down the middle; one reflected the Calvin Klein aesthetic effortlessly and was stunning, commercial, and sellable, the other was more obscure and had Mauro literally scratching his head questioning “It’s definitely unique but I need to make sure we can realistically have this produced in these materials with these finishes”. This was a contest about innovation, so if this design had the Head of CK’s Watch + Jewelry Products questioning how on earth they would make it, then we had a clear winner.

Congratulations to Zhang Yi, Chan Da and Lui Ke for taking out the first, second and third prizes! It was a privilege to take part in this experience and I can’t wait to see their designs come to life at Baselworld this year, as well as seeing others brands take inspiration from Calvin Klein and perhaps start their own design initiatives. I’ll give my time of day to anyone who is willing to take risks and support new young talent.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt & event imagery courtesy of Calvin Klein

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Do Not Disturb Fri, 23 Jan 2015 01:14:06 +0000 Driving down the East Side of Oahu is a must for anyone visiting, especially for its picturesque and serene photo opps and numerous hikes.

Eugenia Kim Hat (also in-stock here) / ASOS Floral Dress / Ancient Greek Sandals

Driving down the East Side of Oahu is a must for anyone visiting, especially for its picturesque and serene photo opps and numerous hikes. Wait, I guess I just described Hawaii as a whole? As I mentioned before, it was raining for most of our time in Oahu so most of the hikes weren’t an option, especially as the one that we wanted to do in particular was illegal and you had to start before sunrise, but that’s just more the reason to come back and perhaps a reason not to publicly disclose or encourage anyone to do it on this site! Google can help with that one.

Still, we had the chance to explore the beautiful grounds below and stumble across idyllic settings like this one. And lucky we did. I had been trying to justify how I could spend so much money on a hat (the thoughts ‘I just need it!’ don’t really make for a strong argument) until I saw this particular swing. I think these photos reflect pretty much how we were feeling and the reason why we took this trip – we just wanted to focus on mapping out the year ahead without being disturbed.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt


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Passing Storm Thu, 22 Jan 2015 11:54:44 +0000 One second it was grey, windy and raining, the next the clouds would part and the light would feel as fresh and crisp as ever.

Zimmermann Dress / Eugenia Kim Hat / Ancient Greek Sandals

After visiting Hawaii in winter for the first time I realised how temperamental the weather can be. One second it was grey, windy and raining, the next the clouds would part and the light would feel as fresh and crisp as ever.

I’ve always described ethereal light as light just dancing around a scene and this particular day I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. A thunderstorm that had been following us for a few days finally decided to leave, and the little pockets of light that appeared along the North Shore looked nothing short of magical. The surrounding dust made it look like the light was moving, weaving through the trees and dancing onto the road. I honestly don’t know if the word ethereal quite sums up just how serene this light actually was but here’s to hoping these photos can.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt

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Sunset Beach Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:30:10 +0000 There's nothing quite like catching those last glimmering moments of light.

Zimmermann Dress

Each afternoon at sunset Luke and I would visit a different beach for a different perspective. Some days it was windy and grey, others it was golden and vivid. I would read and he would be in the water shooting photos of waves until it was dark and there wasn’t enough light for both of us to continue.

This particular day we were lucky enough to be reminded about why sunset will always be our favourite time of day. There’s nothing quite like catching those last glimmering moments of light, especially when it’s the golden backdrop of a place called Sunset Beach. Need I say more, I guess the name is quite self-explanatory!

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt
Location: Sunset Beach, Oahu

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