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Lover Dress / CH by Carolina Herrera Heels

If you haven’t already seen what we’ve been busy working on for the past three months don’t worry, I’m going to share it all with you soon in less than a week. It’s in partnership with one of the most iconic premium Australian brands there is, and I couldn’t be more proud to end the year working with someone who has been on my dream list for years. It all feels a little surreal still to be honest.

One part of this project saw us returning to Australia much earlier than planned, but all is well when you have the smell of the ocean waiting for you. A late afternoon storm with its dramatic skies rolling through Sydney could not be more welcomed to battle the start of Australia’s summer season.

Photographer: Jysla Kay

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The City of Light Mon, 23 Nov 2015 05:31:14 +0000 In light of the recent tragedy in Paris, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favourite cities.]]>

Paris, July 2013

In light of the recent tragedy in Paris, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favourite cities. I am beyond grateful none of my friends in Paris were involved, but that doesn’t make the loss of so many innocent lives less real. I sincerely hope none of you lost any loved ones, and my deepest sympathies to those affected by this. It’s truly devastating, and there are no words.

This series of unpublished photos were taken over two years ago. We wanted to show the city of love in a new light by experimenting with its iconic landmark. Truthfully, we ran out of day light, so as a result the photos were limited and much darker than planned. Luke and I were convinced these photos weren’t good enough to share and told ourselves we would return to re-take them. Now, as I look back over them, I find beauty in their imperfections.

Pray for Paris. Pray for humanity.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt

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Checking-in from New York Mon, 19 Oct 2015 12:02:08 +0000 In many ways, it's how I'm feeling at this very moment.]]>

BOSS Hamella Dress and Emerald Boots / BOSS Hugo Boss Small Bespoke Bag / Stella McCartney Earring / Delfina Delettrez Pearl Ring 

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to shoot with Zanita and it brings back so many fond memories of work we’ve done together just for fun or for clients. With our lives becoming busier and our careers continuing to grow, it’s always a luxury to have old friends in the same city with the chance to work together.

Last season, we spent an entire day shooting around the city in the blistering cold of New York’s winter. This time, we joined forces again to shoot something fun on the roof of my New York hotel in partnership with Hugo Boss.

This city has constantly been an endless inspiration for me, both professionally and personally. I’m inspired by the work ethic, innovation and progression shared amongst New Yorkers. As a person, I’m inspired by every unique or like-minded person I meet who unknowingly contribute to how I grow as a person. The openness and support you find here is what really can enable you to excel in whichever aspects of your life you wish. This is why this New York backdrop was the perfect way to reflect the Hugo Boss woman; she’s empowered, she’s a businesswoman, and she’s inspired. In many ways, it’s how I’m feeling at this very moment.

Photographer: Zanita Whittington

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After Thought Fri, 16 Oct 2015 13:48:30 +0000 My goal has always been to inspire others with my work, my outlook on life and how I see the world through the Gary Pepper lens.

Vintage Coat / Miu Miu Top Handle Bag / Paul Andrew Rhea Flats / Sarah and Sebastian Sun Necklace / J Brand Jeans / CH by Carolina Herrera Top

It’s been a while, let’s say years, since I’ve had the chance to go vintage shopping and actually fallen in love with a piece. As most of you know, I started my journey into the digital realm with my online vintage store and quickly built a business for myself by selling vintage and second hand pieces I had naturally accumulated over the years.

There’s always going to be an on-going battle of keeping my content aspirational yet attainable as I get older, my taste evolves and my career grows, so naturally my income does to. I acknowledge that I began with vintage by wearing pieces that I found in thrift stores for five or ten dollars. At the time I was 19, I’d been living out of home since I was 18 and working as a retail manager whilst studying and interning. To say I had disposal income was hilarious – every dollar was accounted for and it took me a year after I graduated high school to save the money I needed to invest in my own private education and to pay off my car loan.

I started in vintage as a way to express myself as an individual as a young teenager trying to find herself, but deep down perhaps I was also so drawn to it because it was what I could realistically afford and allowed me to indulge in my love for fashion without being late to pay my rent. Although I enjoy investing in high quality and luxury pieces these days, I always keep in the back of my mind to style it with pieces that are still affordable like these blue jeans.

A reader recently wrote that I wasn’t realistic for wearing luxury items because my young readers couldn’t afford these pieces, to which I explained that if you can’t afford the exact same piece, I hope it simply gives you the inspiration to find a similar piece and style it in a similar way. I stopped wearing vintage many moons ago because so many of you were complaining that you couldn’t purchase the item. Now, people complain that I’ve changed and I don’t wear it anymore. As I touched on before – it’s an on-going battle.

I hope you all know that I question daily the content I’m creating, the activities I’m doing and the clothes that I’m wearing. I acknowledge that some experiences are surreal (if you’re rolling your eyes about being #blessed don’t worry, I am too) and I acknowledge that we’re living in such a strange and over saturated time for the fashion and media industries. Despite my career shifting in ways I never predicted (I set out to build an e-commerce empire with Gary Pepper Vintage), I still can acknowledge where I started and appreciate how this is the core of who I am as a person and my story so far.

The point of this story was really to reflect on how I began in vintage and how stories can come full circle. I can’t believe after all these years I can still feel this way about vintage. I can’t believe after all of the pieces I own this coat is one of the most commented on.

If you’re still here and you’re still reading, I just want you to know that I am so grateful for your support and for being on this strange journey with me. My goal has always been to inspire others with my work, my outlook on life and how I see the world through the Gary Pepper lens.

I guess what I’m trying to say is; thank you.

Photographer: Carin Olsson

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Checking-in from Paris Thu, 15 Oct 2015 13:42:39 +0000 For now, I'm working so hard to breathe new life into what we do and how we do it. ]]>

Sarah & Sebastian Sun Choker and Sun Diamond Necklace / Uniqlo Cashmere Jumper 

This fashion month I decided to only attend Paris Fashion Week and one show during New York. This is partly due to the large production Gary Pepper has taken on for one of my dream lifestyle clients, which will help take us away from essentially fashion and beauty and really show the new direction we’ve been slowly shifting towards and experimenting with for the past six months. There’s more shifts coming, both personally and professionally, and I can’t wait to really unleash all the ideas that I’ve been trying to juggle for the past two years.

The other parts were taking the time to fly home from New York to attend my little sister’s wedding, before flying back to Paris for fashion week and quickly moving on to London, San Francisco and Santiago to work on this finishing this production. It’s the largest project I’ve taken on and it’s been demanding my entire focus.

For now, I’m working so hard to breathe new life into what we do and how we do it.

This portrait was taken in-between meetings during Paris Fashion Week. I was exhausted, but being surrounded by old friends whom I rarely get to see like Carin, Mandy and Bree always brings me new energy and keeps me feeling uplifted and inspired.

Photographer: Carin Olsson

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