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1. Witchery Top / Vintage Shorts / Tabitha Simmons Flats / Prada Double Bag
2. Josh Goot Top, Skirt and Pants / Charlotte Olympia Paloma Heels

Just checking-in with a post from Hong Kong, where we spent two days for a beauty conference, media interviews and a segment I filmed with FOX.

Often I’ll explain my day-to-day movements on Instagram, so when I say I “hit the ground running” I truly mean it. I often land, check-in, and move straight onto whatever project we are working on without allowing my body or mind to fully adjust to the timezone I’m in. Luckily I’m quite a good flyer, often falling asleep before the flight has taken off from the ground as it’s the only time I’m disconnected from the internet and my body can fully rest. As for my mind? Well, it’s always clear with fresh ideas and I always arrive at my destination with a quarter of my notebook filled to the brim with notes I’ve scribbled down. Unfortunately I still have a complex about people reading over my shoulder (personal space, people!) so I’m awkwardly in my seat with my notebook pressed up to my chest with my nose often touching the paper.

Traveling overseas for work and long haul flights are a common part of my life. To be honest, it’s something that I’ve never really thought too much about nor thought that anyone would find it interesting enough to invite me to Hong Kong to discuss it. In particular, my beauty routine. You’ve all requested I do a tutorial on my make-up and beauty essentials, but my in-flight beauty regime is just something I do when I’m on autopilot mode (see what I did there?) and is just a way of life for me.

‘First Class Beauty’ by DFS, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, invited me to speak on a panel of beauty experts in Hong Kong in front of the top leading lifestyle and luxury publications in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Japan. I was joined by China’s most popular celebrity make-up artist Perry Liu, Miss Universe Japan Miyako Miyazaki and DFS’s beauty expert Rowena Marvel. Intimidated? Never, especially because I can’t speak any other language besides English. With First Class Beauty by DFS being unveiled in over 13 different countries, it was wonderful to take part in the world’s largest beauty event for the world traveler, so thank you to everyone who made my experience in Hong Kong so memorable. I’m always so overwhelmed when I found out exactly who, or how many, is following my brand.

Is my in-flight beauty regime something you’d all like to know? After this experience I’m curious to know if everyone else find it just as interesting…

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt

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The Gary Pepper Perspective Thu, 04 Sep 2014 13:43:35 +0000 For the past five years it's been my whole world, and I hope in many ways it feels like yours too. ]]>

Lover Dress

I wanted to share with you all an unpublished photo from our creative editorial with Lancome, shot at a fluorescent natural pink lake in Western Australia. Why? Just a little thank you for nominating Gary Pepper for ‘Best Photography’ at the 2014 Bloglovin’ Awards – it was so humbling to find out we are a finalist!

I’ve always believed in quality over quantity and, being the perfectionist and control freak I am, feel so grateful to have found fellow creatives that understand, respect and genuinely love Gary Pepper the way I do, enough for us to work closely as a team and create magic together. So thank you for acknowledging Luke Shadbolt and Carin Olsson‘s talents, they make work an absolute dream and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help convey the Gary Pepper perspective. For the past five years it’s been my whole world, and I hope in many ways it feels like yours too.

This little gesture makes all of the hours spent on research, concept development, execution and publishing all the more worth it. It just encourages us to keep going and we can’t wait to create and share even more with you all, for you all.

Let’s keep painting the world of Gary Pepper together…

If you have a few seconds I’d love if you could vote for Gary Pepper here.

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt

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Girl with a Pearl Mon, 01 Sep 2014 22:00:57 +0000 If only life was as simple as being a girl with a pearl, or two...]]>

1. Ryan Storer BrokenChoker with Pearls / Ryan Storer Pearl Earring Set
2. Ryan Storer Long Drop Floating Pearl Earring
3. Ryan Storer Long Drop Floating Pearl Earring / Ryan Storer Wrap Pearl Ring

Getting in the mood for spring with a touch of fresh whites, tousled hair and some soft ethereal light. Carin and I took these photos when we were in Paris last season and wanted to highlight the accessories I wore during fashion week. Even though pearls are everywhere at the moment I couldn’t resist Ryan’s modern take on such a classic accessory. Plus, he’s a dear friend and I couldn’t be happier for him seeing his brand go from strength to strength.

Ryan and I were out to dinner with our friend Michael the other week and we all ended up discussing our business structures and what we were missing in order to evolve – lack of resources, lack of staff, lack of time, etc… all of the reasons that were obvious to one when the other would explain their working situation and all of the reasons each of us need but haven’t had the opportunity to action just yet. Even though people may find these conversations boring or frustrating (trust me, we weren’t complaining, we were brainstorming), it’s these open conversations and genuine advice that I truly appreciate. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you live and breath your brand so intensely.

If only life was as simple as being a girl with a pearl, or two…

Photographer: Carin Olsson


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Happy Spring! x Mon, 01 Sep 2014 10:58:10 +0000 There's definitely something in the air, and I hope you can feel it too... ]]>

In the past week I’ve flown to Melbourne and back for the official announcement of my role with the Caulfield Cup Carnival 2014 where I had to speak in front of 200 guests at a black tie event. Precious time back in Sydney was spent jumping in and out of cabs, meetings, presentations, running errands, finding a new house (and we found it!) and finishing my tax. I somehow managed to juggle all of this whilst planning, organising and executing a new creative editorial – only the second of its kind I have taken on this year which makes me all the more excited to share it with you soon.

So just checking-in to wish you all a very happy first day of spring! Well, that’s for my southern hemisphere readers. As for the rest of you? I’m actually heading your way in just 48 hours… First stop is Hong Kong, and then we’ll be moving quickly through New York, London, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris and Melbourne.

Can’t wait! There’s definitely something in the air, and I hope you can feel it too…

Photographer: Carin Olsson

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The Caulfield Journey Mon, 01 Sep 2014 00:11:35 +0000 'The Caulfield Journey' - a whimsical exploration of my journey to the 2014 Crown Golden Ale Caulfield Cup Carnival. ]]>

It’s been non-stop since I returned home from Europe. I flew straight to Melbourne on a Sunday morning around 1am and began filming the very next morning after our hair and make-up call time of 5:30am. What followed was five days of filming in over 13 different locations scattered through Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle. It was the middle of winter and absolutely freezing – it actually snowed in Melbourne the day after we wrapped. I know, I was grateful to even have any sun in Melbourne given how temperamental it is when it comes to weather. Plus, to me, any time spent in Australia is precious and I would never complain about hitting the ground running. If you’ve been following me from the very beginning you’ll know that I thrive and live for that exact exhilarating thrill of the chase. Work hard, play hard.

So what were we working on? Well I’m thrilled to announce I’m the Caulfield Style Ambassador for 2014! Spring racing is such a large part of our Australian culture, and perhaps the one of the biggest moments in our Australian fashion calendar, so it’s humbling to be a part of such a prestigious three day event.

So, to announce my role, here is ‘The Caulfield Journey’ – a whimsical exploration of my journey to the 2014 Crown Golden Ale Caulfield Cup Carnival. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into the lead up to such a prestigious event, whether you’re a jockey, a milliner, a thoroughbred, or fashionista. We all have our own inspirations to draw upon, so the idea by De Republica (the talented film company we worked with) was to showcase what inspires me on my own journey and celebrate every moment that has lead me to this one defining moment of arriving at the 2014 Caulfield Cup Carnival.

Enjoy! Hopefully you don’t spot the goosebumps…

Film Production: De Republica
Creative Direction: De Republica

Model: Nicole Warne @ IMG
Styling: Lana Wilkinson
Make-up: Jade Kisnorbo
Hair: Heading Out Hair & Beauty

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