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Recreate the look: Grandiose Mascara by Lancome
. Michael Lo Sordo White Silk Crepe Dress
2. Michael Lo Sordo Black Silk Crepe Dress

It’s a strange feeling sharing this with you all for the very first time. This is officially the first short film Gary Pepper has ever produced for another brand (I used to make look book videos for my e-commerce vintage store, Gary Pepper Vintage, but they were on a much smaller production scale) and had 100% creative control over. We waited patiently to share this, with the final dates to release this being uncertain as we tried to co-ordinate logistics with everyone involved. And now it’s finally here after a month of planning, filming, editing and executing, and I don’t know how to feel about it after losing count of how many times I’ve watched it and picked it apart.

The concept for this came about from the Grandiose Mascara itself. Its unique and swan neck shaped wand is an industry first, it was created with precision to bend with the shape of your face so we felt it was important to highlight this as part of our story, which is how the Black Swan concept came about. We also decided to shoot this in black and white to be cohesive with the colours of the Grandiose packaging. The idea was to tell a story of how mascara, especially as one as innovative as Lancome’s Grandiose, can make you feel as if you have transformed into a whole new person. It’s all about the art of transformation.

Filming was spread out over three days in various locations; one being a huge public swimming pool which we filmed in late at night, another being a small cliff that I actually jumped off to get the head first motion we wanted. I can tell you right now that for someone who has a fear of sharks and deep water, this was one of the scarier things I’ve done. All I can remember is swimming back to shore on a surfboard and freaking out midway as the realisation of swimming at dusk washed over me, which is one of the prime shark feeding times. Luke even exclaimed at one point “Stop being so frantic with your paddling, you look like an injured seal which will draw more attention from sharks!”, to which I started crying and screamed “I hope Barry got the shot because I am never doing this again! I’m serious!”.

It was the first time Luke had come on board to help with creative direction and he worked tirelessly on not only producing the whole film, but also directing it. It was a seamless process and one I couldn’t have done with such a strong and incredible team around me, each bringing their own skill set, creativity and fresh perspective to each scene. This experience felt like a luxury in comparison to projects we’ve done in the past, which have only consisted of Luke and I trying to juggle all of the elements ourselves. Just having a make-up artist alone makes a world of difference, so thank you for Max for spending two days with us. As for the music, we were in the process of having it composed from scratch but decided to go with this song by Shining Bird instead due to timing.

I did an exclusive interview with Elle Australia about the short film which you can read here. We can’t really believe this has already been viewed nearly half a million times! The dream would be to crack one million so if you love it, please feel free to share it around, and don’t forget to leave us your feedback.

N x

Director / Producer: Luke Shadbolt
Director of Photography: Chad Waldron @ The Waldron Bros
Camera Operator: Ryan Barry Cotter
Drone Camera Operator: Thomas Stockwell @ The Clever Kids
Creative Direction: Luke Shadbolt and Nicole Warne @ IMG
Model / Styling: Nicole Warne @ IMG
Make-up / Hair: Max May @ DLM
Music:‘Must Have Been Dreaming’ by Shining Bird

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Black Swan Sneak Peek Wed, 03 Dec 2014 03:56:44 +0000 The full version of the short film will debut exclusively on tomorrow, so make sure you head over to experience the new 'Black Swan' story as our journey with Lancome continues...]]>

1. Michael Lo Sordo White Silk Dress
2. Michaelo Lo Sordo Black Silk Dress

It’s been a while in the works and it’s nearly here! Here is a sneak peek of something very special – the first short film Gary Pepper has produced from start to finish with 100% control and creative freedom. Luke and I combined forces to develop this concept to celebrate Grandiose, the new innovative mascara by Lancome, and to share its story once again through Gary Pepper eyes.

One of the best parts of working on a project like this is having the freedom to put together the creative and production team. As this is traditionally a how-to beauty video the make-up and hair were key factors into what would make this a great success, so it was such a pleasure to finally be able to work with Max May and to see him in action. He created this ethereal, sun-kissed and dewy look for the white swan and this dramatic and mysteriously dark look for the black swan. When seen side by side I hardly recognise myself.

The full version of the short film will debut exclusively on tomorrow, so make sure you head over to experience our new ‘Black Swan’ story as our journey with Lancome continues…

Photographer: Luke Shadbolt
Make-Up and Hair: Max May @ DLM

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Backstage Beauty Cards @ Burberry Thu, 27 Nov 2014 21:00:17 +0000 This is the first instalment of my 'Backstage Beauty Cards'; a new concept that will become more regular during fashion week.]]>

Backstage @ Burberry SS 14/15

We’re sitting in Burberry HQ in London and it’s the day before their show. There’s five of us in total – a mix of digital media and beauty bloggers – all invited to experience an all access pass to discover the up-coming beauty look they would be unveiling the very next day by Wendy Rowe, the Artistic Consultant for Burberry Beauty.

Upon meeting Wendy the first thing I notice is how much she resembles the essence of the Burberry Woman. She has the perfect amount of tousle in her I-just-rolled-out-of-bed hair that girls spend hundreds of dollars on products to achieve, natural and radiant looking skin (I’m not even sure if she was in fact wearing any make-up at all) and is casually dressed in a flared high-waist jeans and sheer white lace tee ensemble for that put-together-with-minimal-effort look. Overall, she epitomises that effortless cool every British it-girl embodies.

When Wendy starts to explain Christopher Bailey’s notes for the Burberry woman’s beauty look, I joke with her ‘Have you realised he’s basically describing you?’, to which she replies ‘Well we always joke that I’m secretly his muse!’. Moments later Christopher himself walks through the doors, taking the time to politely greet everyone in the room whilst wearing his infamous smile. For someone who is showing his next collection to the likes of Anna, Kate and Cara (do they even need last names anymore?) all poised on the front row the next day, he seems completely at ease; the sign of a seasoned professional.

Fast forward 24 hours and we’re backstage before the Burberry show where it has the exact same calmness that eerily floats through the room. Models are seen with honey coloured, dewy skin that makes them ‘look like they’ve spent summer in the garden.’ as Wendy explained the day before, using Burberry’s ‘Fresh Glow in Golden Radiance’ and ‘Fresh Glow BB Cream’. The eyes are completely bare, with nothing but a hint of colour under and above the eyes using the same taupe toned blush they used to contour the cheekbones. There’s a hint of highlighter across the cheekbones and definition to the eyebrows using the eyebrow pencil and its gel-like formula; a product that has now replaced my usual brown eyeshadow to colour in my brows each morning. The lips are the only statement, seen in a deep, ruby rose red which makes me realise how easy this would be to recreate at home.

This is the first instalment of my ‘Backstage Beauty Cards’; a new concept that will become more regular during fashion week as I’m often backstage before shows but never really utilising the content. I also want to state that this is not an advertorial and I was not paid at all to create this. As many appreciate Christopher for this artistic vision for Burberry, it’s his forward-thinking approach for incorporating digital and social media into growing the Burberry empire I admire the most. To be able to meet and share my support for such an innovative digital king is a blessing, and one I am so grateful to be a part of.

I hope you enjoy this backstage beauty pass at Burberry!

Photography: Luke Shadbolt
Make-Up: Wendy Rowe 

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Couleur Wed, 26 Nov 2014 21:00:37 +0000 A rainbow of vivid colours seen splashed across one garment or striking individual block colours paired on others.]]>

Valentino Coat (similar here) and Dress / Valentino Mini Clutch / Gianvito Rossi Heels

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like having myself dripping in colour from head to toe. When I visited the Valentino Showroom in Paris prior to their show, I was instantly inspired by their new collection which was a rainbow of vivid colours seen splashed across one garment or striking individual block colours paired on others. If it wasn’t for the bright colours it would have been equally as fun wearing the pieces just for their playful and clean silhouettes; two descriptive words that go together like morning and coffee. Coming from a background in vintage pieces, 60′s mod dresses and pea coats will always have a place in my heart. Just like this bag, which just found its way into my wardrobe in a beautiful bright pink.

Photography: Carin Olsson

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Sunrise in Taormina Wed, 26 Nov 2014 01:23:00 +0000 When we finally arrived there wasn't a soul in sight. The only movement was a glimmer of golden sun dancing across the sea or the tiniest waves breaking from within it.

6 Shore Road Playsuit (different version here) / J Crew Sandals / Market Stall Hat (similar here)

Just as the sun was breaking over the horizon, I set out with Luke and two of my friends to walk from our rented apartment down to the local beach in Taormina. This was the first time we had all been to Siciliy and we were all so excited that sleep would have to wait. Unfortunately we were either half asleep or listening to me when giving directions, so we found ourselves walking down the main road which took us to the outskirts of the town, winding down quite a large hill and eventually onto what seems liked a freeway which connected Taormina to it neighbouring town. Basically, we were lost and our thrill for adventure cost us an additional hour of footwork. Lesson learnt here? Don’t listen to me when giving directions – I seem to have absolutely no sense of direction.

When we finally arrived there wasn’t a soul in sight. The only movement was a glimmer of golden sun dancing across the sea or the tiniest waves breaking from within it. The only sounds were heard from our feet making their way across the sand and onto the pebbled shoreline. It was quiet, it was peaceful, and it was ours for those few fleeting moments. Time moved slowly for us that morning, and looking back it was such a precious experience that set the mood for the rest of our Sicilian trip; a trip full of excitement and wonder and appreciation for both the adventurous times and moments of calmness.

Photography: Luke Shadbolt and Nicole Warne

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