14th May 2014
My Dubai
Location LOCATION: Dubai

On the way home from Switzerland we had a stop over in Dubai for a few days working with Emirates and Dubai Tourism.

13th May 2014
Baselworld Diary
Location LOCATION: Basel

My most recent role, though, will see us working with Calvin Klein Watches+Jewelry as one of the judges for their watch and jewelry design competition.

9th May 2014
Postcards from Switzerland
Location LOCATION: Zurich

We flew into Zurich for just a few days with Calvin Klein to make a special announcement during Baselworld.

6th March 2014
Winter Whites
Location LOCATION: New York

A pure joy to see and a beautiful reminder of how each season has its own unique beauty – rain, hail or shine.

9th February 2014
Checking-in from New York
Location LOCATION: New York

A quick little update from the freezing and frosty city of New York.